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We're a newer guild with a goal of having members learning to progress through the instances of the game. Currently, we can clear most of RT on easy, but the core of our members are learning the strategy of all the game instances.

We don't mind OP players running members through dungeons to complete quest or get gear/mems, but we encourage our members to learn the game instances for the their current levels. In other words, if you're level 15 and need the Howling Mountains instance for the Strange Substance then we will try and complete the dungeon with level 15 or lower characters.

We believe learning to work through instance together and figuring out the strategies strengthens our bond between all the members.

We farm for gear and mems for our members when they reach 55+.

We're almost level 10 with a Level 4 Academy and Library in the Castle.

We use Ventrillo and have many channels and can support many players.

Our member ages range from 18 to 70 years of age. There is no qualification of ages and we encourage a family atmosphere between our members to strengthen our bonds with each other.

In our Raid or Instance runs there is one person who we trust to be our Master Looter so that all gear is distributed equally among our members.

If you're interested in running instances for the required level then please join up with us because we're always looking for players who want to play the game and accept the challenges created for the progression of leveling.

Have you ran Cyclops Lair with a level 50 character lately?

Or, have you tried to run Zhurhidon Stronghold with a strong party of 55's?

Sound like fun?

All of FortyTwo members can recruit new members, so just find one of us in the game and ask for an invite! We hope to hear from you soon!!!
Guild News

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Shiloms, Dec 24, 11 11:52 AM.
Welcome to the new web presence of FortyTwo!
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